Monday, September 22, 2008

What I like about Sundays.........

Church, Family, Naps and Football..........

At our church, we are in a series called "Sex Matters", funny title, but what an awesome subject matter. No, it is not about the physical act, but about genders. How men are so different than women, or how women are so different than men........Yesterday was about Men, one thing Pastor Alex talked about in an illustration was the remote control, how it is a man's domain. Well, I have to be honest, Jason does offer me the remote, but I hate it! (it is designed with a man in mind, all those functions and settings, I only know how to turn it on, use the channel button, and the volume button) Alex, spoke of how men are controlling of the remote, how they never throw one away. Well, we had one like that once in our bedroom, the power button came off and after 3 months I decided it was time to fix it. I used Elmer's glue.........needless to say, it shorted out the remote!

After church we went to my mother in law's to celebrate Jason's B-day. She is the best cook! Jason got 3 tickets to the Arkansas/TU game on Novemer 1st and a beautiful card.

After lunch, we came home and took a two hour nap and then played in the living room. Kaybrie likes for us to all get into the floor, no one can sit on the recliners or couch.

Football. Now the Crow Family follows a few teams. Namely, the Broken Arrow Tigers, Arkansas Razorbacks and the Dallas Cowboys. Yay Tigers, leading the season 3-0! As for the Razorbacks, like Pastor Alex said in the sermon, they are in a tough conference, but we still love them and someone has too (but our prediction is that the Golden Hurricane will probably beat the Razorbacks (I think I'll design a shirt, 1/2 Hog, 1/2 'Cane).......and how 'bout them Cowboy's. They are also now 3-0. Kaybrie and I are in love with Tony Romo......he has got the cutest smile. And what about Tulsa's own, former Razorback Felix Jones, he is rockin'!

.........and that is what I like about Sunday's!

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Jennifer said...

I hear ya regarding the Razorbacks but my heart lies with the Golden Hurricane beating them this time! (Go 'Cane). However, my husband is a Razorback through and through (nevermind his alma mater of Tulsa). Anyway, it was great meeting you at Carlee's party!