Friday, September 26, 2008

Rascal Flatts & Taylor Swift

In my previous blog, I mentioned Jason's birthday, of course I wrote it before he had opened our presents to him, and I am trying to get better at keeping gifts secret, anyone that knows me knows its hard for me to do that.........Anyway the kids and I got him, a dress shirt, a beanie baby, and a Dallas Cowboy Flag for outside. I had also gotten him Rascal Flatts/Taylor Swift tickets.

The concert was last night. It was the 4th event held in the new BOK Center. The outside of the BOK Center is beautiful. The inside is laid out nice, but it is just your standard arena. I was asked to fill out a survey online early this morning and here is what I told them. The U.S. Flag was not big enough, the upper level seats are too close, have not leg room, and the steps to get there are way too steep. There were pregnant ladies and handicap people climbing at angles unbelievable. Also, our seats were located at the side of the stage in the nosebleed section, but there were worse seats. We also paid $16 for concessions. $4 each for a coke and slice of Mazzio's Combo pizza.....Come on people!

Taylor Swift........she is soooo cute! For an 18 year old she has an awesome career ahead of her. She is so humble. She just kept thanking us, just like she did on TV. She writes most of her music and has a maturity well beyond her years. I called my niece Jadyn during her opening song "Our Song", Jadyn is 9 and lives 3 hrs away and loves Taylor. I put it on speaker phone to let her hear. My sister told me that it was hard to understand for all the crowd noise, but that Jadyn did sing along.

Rascal Flatts..........Oh my.....they are unbelievable! What can I say. The effects, their performance, their commentation, their personalities. Those guys rock! I recorded a video for Braden to listen too. He was trying to figure out a way to sneak into the concert and not go to his football game, which he did lose unfortunately.

All in all, the performers made up for the misery of the BOK Center. But, it will have to be an awesome concert with better seats to drag the Crow Family back for more!

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