Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rainy Saturday

Well, Hurricane Ike hit the Texas Coast this morning as a category 2. From the pictures I've seen the damage is terrible. Now Ike is making its way into Oklahoma with lots of rain and wind. My cousin Shawn, recently moved to Houston. She took teaching job there. This is the second time she has had to evacuate.

Jason had planned a big "game" day for us. Arkansas was supposed to play Texas @ Texas today, but due to the Hurricane the game was postponed. Braden was very dissappointed, but settled for his Daddy to hook up the Playstation in his room. It is funny, we all deck out in our Arkansas gear and fly our flag on game day. Now we will be watching OU play Washington.

Kaybrie is in rare form today. She just keeps taking her diaper off. Thank goodness there have been no messes. She took her nap this afternoon and then came and laid down w/ me, a total of about 4 hours. She has now taken possession of Braden's "Good Will" doll. This doll says the "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" Prayer. Kaybrie is calling it her "Amen" doll, she pronounces it "ahmen"! Very Cute!

Tonight we must go and pick up the leftovers from the JBF sale. Jason is not happy w/me. He just wants me to give all the extra stuff away. Maybe he is right, but there really are some cute things of Kaybrie's that I don't want to just give away.........I can always give it away to someone else, like family.

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