Friday, September 12, 2008

PlayDate w/ Friends

Today we had a playdate with the Carrie's and their kids. Now, about the Carrie's these are my BFF's that I met in stroller workout class. It is funny, because both names are spelled the same and their birthday's are both on May 1. Carrie T. has Justin (1) and Jamie (11). Carrie O'. has Carlee (almost 4) and Cydnee (2). Carrie O' is also my hair stylist.........she rocks! Anyway, we met at Bounce U at 10:00 a.m. This is a inflatable place that had preschool bounce from 10:10-11:25! Although, our kids were ready to go by 11:00. Braden was out of school today and invited his friend Nick to go w/ us! The boys had a blast and of course they could have stayed all day. After we left Bounce U we went to CiCi's pizza. The kids played video games and ate very little. It was Kaybrie and Justin's 1st time on inflatables. Their favorite part was when their mommies climbed up the big slide and slid down w/ them! I have this all on video and camera, so hopefully I can figure out how to transfer it for all to see! It is awesome to have such great friends!

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O'Hara Mom said...

hi Friend i am so glad to see yu added to your blg! What a fun day We had with you!! I will link your blog to mine!! Love ya carrie O