Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mommy are you a Christian?

This morning during breakfast, Braden my 7 year old looked up at me and asked me a question. Mommy are you a Christian? I could tell his mind and heart were working.

I exclaimed to him Yes! and told him the story of how I came to know Christ. I was 9 years old, in VBS, and all of a sudden my heart just felt like it was going to explode. I explained to him that that feeling was Jesus knocking at the door of my heart wanting me to let him into my life. I told him that it was then that I realized I was a sinner and that I had to have Christ in my life in order to go to heaven.

I then turned to Braden and asked him, is Jesus in your heart? He told me yes. I then asked him if he knew what sin was. His reply was no. I explained to him that we are all sinners and that Christ died for us so that we could be in heaven, and that sin is bad like lying, stealing, bad thoughts, talking ugly etc, but that only Jesus could forgive us.

Needless to say, my baby boy is growing up. No, he doesn't fully grasp the concept of becoming a Christian yet, but God is working on him. Please pray for Braden about his decision. And please pray for me that I be a Godly example and that God gives me the proper words to speak!

Our church is doing a workshop this Saturday from 9-12 called "Parent Expo", one of the breakout sessions is Leading your Child to Christ, I am planning to attend.

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Jason said...

What a great opportunity to share Christ with Braden. From you baby brother, remember that most adults don't understand it all when they except Christ. We often times hold our children to a higher standard than we do adults. Example

If a man what the aisle at a church to be saved and we ask Him if he knows what sin is, what do we do? We tell him, and then share the plan of salvation.

On the other hand, if an 8-year-old boy walks the aisle to get saved and we ask if he knows what sin is? if his answer is no, most times we will think he is not ready. Why would we just do the same thing regardless and let God work it out?

Love you big SIS!