Friday, September 26, 2008

Fireproof-The Movie

Jason & I had a movie date this afternoon. We went to see "Fireproof". The creators of this movie are the same that made "Flywheel" and "Facing the Giants". God is AWESOME!! He has blessed this church in Albany, Georgia with tremendous ability to spread the gospel. The movie is primarily over saving a marriage. However, I can see where it applies to relationships in general. I seem to be constantly reminded this week, that I can't do it, only God can, and this was once again made clear in this movie. The more people that see this movie, the longer it will show in the Tulsa market and the opportunity for God and his saving grace to reach more people. I encourage anyone who reads this blog, to go see the movie! I'll even volunteer to babysit! Here is the link for more on the movie:

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Serena said...

Brad and I went to see the movie last night. It was awesome and hilarious. I think it is a great movie for christians too!
Absolutely loved it!!

Your blog is awesome!