Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dress Rehearsal, Banana Stickers & a new Hobby

Braden had football practice last night at 6PM. The coach had them come in full "game" attire. Not quite sure what he had in mind, for them to get into a game mind or to see if the parents actually followed all orders on getting the uniform. So this year, we have a mouthgard, "real" mid-hi football cleats & Under Armour football socks, to go w/ the Jersey and pants. I have to admit, my son looks quite dapper in his uniform! I am also really diggin' the colors this year, Black & Gold-my high school colors (okay, they are also BA colors)!

Now for the Banana stickers......well, WalMart started it! Kaybrie gets a sticker whenever she goes to WalMart. They give the little smiley face sticker, great attempt at getting a child distracted from the matter at hand (shopping), but big problem when they lose it! Anyway, Kaybrie found two "Dole" stickers this afternoon on the bananas. She peeled them off and stuck them on her shirt! Too Cute!

Hobby.......I am trying to be more creative now that I am staying home. I have tried scrapbooking, but that takes up too much space. Hair Bows, not bad, but you lose motivation when your daughter refuses to keep them in her beautiful curly hair. And now, I made my little friend Carlee a birthday present! I also made one for her sister Cydnee. It is a HairBow holder....Do I have a future in sales? I think not. Tomorrow I am going to try wrapping ribbon around a headband and attaching hair bows to it. Kaybrie will at least wear headbands!

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